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Physio and Pilates Clinic in Australia

Clinical Pilates Exercise

​Clinical Exercise is a method which adopts a scientific approach to rehabilitating an injury, improving posture, balance, core strength and flexibility. Along with our specific Pilates equipment we can have you performing exercises with the amount of resistance and effort most suitable for your current situation.

Utilising pilates based exercise for biomechanical change, acquisition of movement and prevention of injury.

Health Care Rebates Available On Clinical Exercise & Clinical Equipment Classes
Physio and Pilates Clinic in Australia


Clinical Exercise  with us for the first time you will commence with a one on one personal session.  This individual class establishes a base line for your core stability/breathing patterns and posture.  We look to identify and understand any injury or weaknesses and we discuss any specific goals and expectations you have.  Once you have completed at least 1 x private session, we will discuss the option for you to move into a small group session of mixed clinical equipment of 3 or 4 participants or you can choose to continue in a private setting.


Towel/socks/gym wear


1 x  Physiotherapy Assessment 


2 x 50 min Private session $295

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