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10 Benefits of Clinical Exercise on Pilates Equipment during Pregnancy

At The Physio and Pilates Clinic we will carefully tailor a safe exercise program to do whilst pregnant, with the use of a physiotherapy assessment, and ability to modify most exercises on our custom made equipment. There is so much research to show the benefits of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle whilst expecting, more efficient placenta, decreased risk of gestational diabetes, healthy weight and easier recovery post birth.

1. Hip Stability and Strength

A lot of changes happen to the body whilst pregnant, and probably the most noticeable is once a hormone called relaxin starts to be released which causes stable structures like ligaments become more flexible. This makes you more prone to pelvic girdle and lower back pain. Pilates is a perfect way to build your core strength and muscles that stabilise your pelvis which help minimise common areas of pain like your SIJoint

2. Decreases risk of Lower Back Pain

As your centre of gravity shifts your body awareness can also decrease, this can put increased stress on your back. Pilates will work on your postural muscles, deep abdominal strength and endurance which will help to decrease pain in your back.

3. Pelvic floor strength, awareness and relaxation

The pelvic floor is a very complex network of muscles and ligaments which support the bladder, uterus and bowel and with the added weight of the baby need to be healthy, strong and flexible. Pilates can help strengthen the pelvic floor and also more awareness on how to also work with breath and movement to relax it, which can help with incontinence issues.

4. Upper spine flexibility and breathing

Breathing is one of the key principles of the pilates method, and is especially important during pregnancy as the breath can become shallower with the decreased space. The upper spine between the shoulder blades can become stiff as your belly grows, changing your posture. Air exchange is so important throughout your whole journey and especially beneficial during labour. During a session your will work on moving the upper back to maintain flexibility and strength.

5. Balance and proprioception

As your weight distribution changes so does your posture and you may feel a bit more unbalanced on your feet. Each session will involve balance in safe and controlled way to gently challenge you.

6. Education on correct lifting technique

A very important aspect on building strength and awareness on correct lifting and sitting/standing posture. Exercises and stretches that you will be able to adapt to your own daily routine between feeding/changing/bathing etc.

7. Create Healthy habits, maintain healthy weight

Pilates will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your baby, regular happy hormones, safe resistance exercise with the ability to challenge yourself.

8. Strengthen your legs

Keeping your legs strong throughout your pregnancy will not only help you stay mobile but also help you with your recovery.

9. Speed up your recovery post-partum

Keeping healthy throughout your pregnancy will help you with stamina during labour but also to have quicker recover time post-partum.

10. Relaxation and you time

So important to take time out for yourself, and do something which you enjoy.

Book in for your initial assessment today and lets start your journey.

xo Roxy

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