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Clinical Pilates Private Session with a Dr Physio? Here are the 5 benefits

Private session on the Wunda Chair

A private one on one session with a Physiotherapist will give you all the following and much more! Let's get your body moving in a healthy non-injured way, load through your spine correctly and live in your best body! 

1.Personal Attention:

You may have muscular imbalances, postural problems, or functional performance issues that you may not even be aware of because you are so accustomed to your movement patterns!  In a private session setting, your instructor’s attention is 100% focused on you, your body, and the ways that you move.

2. Customised for each session: You may have had a long day at work and need more stretching than strength or the opposite. With a one on one session, you have the ability to modify your sessions according to what works for you.

3. Injuries and Health Issues

If you are suffering from an injury or certain chronic health issues that limit your physical capabilities or your ability to participate in group classes, private lessons are the best way to maintain a workout routine that is both safe and effective.

4. Motivation

Some of us need a little help and having your clinical exercise private you will because they will be there by your side and tracking your progress.

5. During a session, you will be guided to safe limits and challenged both mentally and physically giving you space from the daily grind to focus on your mind-body connection. 

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