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About Us

Clinical Exercise & Pilates is an individualised rehabilitation/workout plan specified for your personal fitness goals and needs. We are here to help you improve your posture, strengthen your core, stay active for your favourite sport, or even recover from an injury. No matter what your needs, our instructors are here to inspire, lead, and motivate you.


All of our instructors and trainers have just one goal in mind – your safety and success.

At The Physio and Pilates Clinic, we hire only the highest qualified, skilled, and certified instructors who are ready to share their passion and knowledge with you.


The Team


The Physio & Pilates Clinic



Dr. Physiotherapy 


Diploma Rehabilitation Pilates (Polestar Pilates)

Diploma Remedial Massage


Acute to end-stage rehabilitation


Run/endurance specific


I started as a Massage Therapist in 2004 working for elite Rugby and Rugby League teams for 7 years which took me all over the place and to many a State of Origin and World Cup. At the same time, I was completing my Bachelor of Exercise Science which I partly completed in the USA, in North Carolina and Miami in 2007. I then continued my passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation completing my Doctor of Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast in 2010. After working in private practice and team physiotherapist for Sydney Boys Grammar School) my interest shifted more for more functional based rehabilitation rather than just purely hands-on treatment, and hence started my journey of Rehabilitation on Pilates Equipment in 2012, finally completing my Rehabilitation Diploma in Professional Pilates in 2019. I then opened up my own The Physio and Pilates Clinic in March 2019 to combine all my skills in one location and offer an acute injury to end-stage rehabilitation and beyond to clients, on custom made Pilates Equipment.

HOBBIES: Trail running/ Ultra running | Walking my dog | Travelling

Something you may not know about me: I speak fluent French, did all my schooling in French from pre-school to year 10 and lived in Paris for 2 years and Toulouse for 1 year, I have two kids and a dog whom all speak French too! My mum is French my dad is Australian! best of both worlds! 



The Physio & Pilates Clinic



Postgraduate Dietician 
Stott Pilates- Intensive Reformer
Studio Pilates- Mat Pilates 


Beginners to advanced class
Fun and energetic with an emphasis on coordination, balance and core control.


Andressa has always being passionate about health, fitness and body mind exercises, but what she really loves is to help people through their journey, so from beginners to experienced Pilates lovers she believes there is always room for improvement and personal growing. Pilates was “the one and only exercise” that changed her life of back pain and guided her into becoming an instructor, she felt so good that she wanted as many people as possible to feel that way too. She is a post graduate dietician from Brazil, where she is originally from, and now she holds a Mat Pilates qualification, a STOTT  Reformer Pilates certificate and she is Polestar Studio trained. She truly believes that happiness comes from a healthy body and a highly trained mind. Her classes are full of energy, with emphasis in the brain working towards helping the muscles achieve their optimal performance. Classes: Driven by passion on helping her clients, expect a class where you are going to achieve strength, stability and flexibility by using your core control. Suitable for all levels. If you have being practising Pilates for a while or if that is your first experience, expect an hour of fun, exciting and beautiful connection of body and mind. Come along and your muscles will be forever grateful!

Giane photo .jpeg


The Physio & Pilates Clinic



Mphil in Human Movement Sciences
Comprehensive Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar Australia)
Research Assistant at The Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, USyd.


Giane sees movement as a very rich and accessible health resource. 20 years into the healthcare setting (overseas qualified in Physiotherapy), 8 years with ongoing Pilates for rehabilitation and fitness experience, Giane is a big fan of layering mindful movement focused on strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and energy into Body, Mind and Soul. Experiencing challenges in a safe, fun and supportive environment is key for growth, and that is likewise applicable to the “bodyfullness” concept, where we feel whole, achieving our full potential. Giane is passionate about evidence-based practice into healthcare and wellbeing, and it currently writing a research proposal into healthy aging.” Giane classes are like a journey and are both nutring and challenging! 



The Physio & Pilates Clinic



Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Brazil)
Post Graduation in Respiratory Physiotherapy (Brazil)
Degree in Classical Ballet at Municipal School of São Paulo (Brazil) and at Royal Academy of Dancing ( London-RAD)
Cert. IV Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness)
Tai Chi Instructor (Dr Paul Lim)

Diploma in Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar)


With over 30 years experience in Dance Companies, TV shows, Movies and Broadway Musicals, Rita comes from a vast movement background. In 1996 graduated as a Physiotherapist in Brazil and worked for 6 years in ICU with adult patients controlling Ventilators post surgeries. In 2003 migrated to Australia and has been working as a Physio Assistant for Rehabilitation at Manly Waters Private Hospital for the last 20 years. In 2014 Rita decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and got her Diploma in Pilates for Rehabilitation at Polestar. Rita has been working with Pilates around Northern Beaches since then. Hobbies: Rita loves taking her two Schnauzers for a walk and quality time and enjoys her Cab Savs. Classes: Rita is not only a great mover but also passionate about teaching others how to move with her knowledge, precision and positivity.


Client Love

Outstanding physio, fantastic Pilates, fabulous atmosphere- do yourself a favour and sign up

- Liz Mackinlay

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