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Runlates for a faster injury free run

Updated: Apr 24


What is it?

Do you have niggling running injuries? or training for a specific event?

Specific to Runners of all distances!

Why pilates for runners?

Runlates is a necessary part of becoming and staying an injury free runner. Correct posture is one of the most important factors to maintaining healthy joints/ muscles/ bones to be running with optimal and correct alignment through the spine.

Pilates and Physio based exercises develop a strong anterior and posterior core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the trunk , hips, shoulders and pelvis. The ability to be able to stay stable through these areas will lead to a huge positive difference in your posture, technique, balance and stability.

Another principle is that of disassociation of the torso/pelvis/head and limbs, enabling you to isolate and stabilise through your head and neck and the spine and pelvis, without losing that optimal loading position. This ability to maintain neutral spine and stability all adds up to more efficient movement and less chance of injury.

The inability to have proper spinal axial loading develops because of poor body mechanics, poor posture, overuse/repetitive patterns causing global muscles to become overused and strong while stabilising muscles tend to be stretched and weak.


.This can result in a variety of injuries from lower back pain, hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, ITB friction syndrome, anterior knee problems-just to name a few!


What will you gain?

. ..Get stronger through posterior core muscles

...Axial elongation and correct spinal loading in neutral spine

...Better breathing patterns to expand both anterior/lateral and superior

...Increase overall flexibility, strength, and balance

Increase range of motion in hips and shoulder

...Co-ordination and ability to activate through opposition and with rotation

...Single leg work increasing strength and balance through the swing/single leg phase of running

..Endurance and improving lactic threshold of muscles decreasing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

...Flexibility through ankles/calves/hamstrings and hips


Lets get you running injury free

xo Roxy

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